21 and older only or Florida medical marijuana use card

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Great video about growing hemp in the United States

This is a great video about hemp farming in the United States. Hemp farming in the United States could possibly save the small farmer and farming in general in the US. Let's make the United States the biggest exporter of hemp instead of the biggest importer.

We have done it!!! Marijuana is FDA approved medicine

Join us in Educating the misinformed

Together we can change Medicine!!!!

I am a FLA MMU patient.

You are not alone in your battle!!!!!

The time has come for all cannabis forces to unite.

I would like to thank High Times magazine and NORML, first starting this all for me in the 70s. And to LEAFLY for bringing education and information to medical marijuana use patients everywhere whenever they need it.

FLA MMU providers


MUV is serious science focused on developing outstanding consistent and pure cannabis base products.

Grow Healthy

Providing pharmaceutical grade medical marijuana products for comfort and healing. Grow healthy brings industry-leading expertise to cultivating and production and science.


Knox  website says they are committed to ensuring patients can access consistent and Pure medical marijuana in a professional setting from the highest level of Industry experts. Through Innovation and meticulous attention to detail we have established a new level of excellence in the medical marijuana industry.

Please support all Florida mmu providers.


Curaleaf is setting the pace for the Cannabis industry on the East Coast. They have applied for approval to build the largest grow on the East Coast measuring a hundred thousand square feet in New Jersey.


Trulieve Florida's first dispensary has been breaking ground and setting records in the Cannabis industry in Florida since they opened. They have been outspoken true supporters of patients rights. And bring to the plate one of Florida's largest and oldest nursery and flower producing companies.


Vidacann using organic methods and products to bring you some of Florida's best locally grown cannabis medicine. Their Growers have been present in the Florida marketplace since 1958 no rookies here. These guys have already proven they can grow some of the best Florida has to offer.

Florida mmu providers are growing at an amazing rate


Surterra is leading the Cannabis industry in terpene research. Using their knowledge and experience in terpenes to Target medicine better for patients needs. They're  changing the way the industry thinks about terpenes.


Liberty brings to the Florida Market a huge team of experienced cannabis experts. Making one of the largest investments in Florida in their 360 hub..


Powerhouse MedMen, not yet open and running in the Florida Market. But the West Coast Boutique dispensary is greatly anticipated.

The Entourage effect

WE share no info collected on this site!!

I have a FLA MMU card, and use only meds legally issued to me by my FLA lic,MMU doctor.

However it is our goal to change current laws, to better treat MMU patients. Current laws do not allow many patients to medicate properly. These laws must change or lives could be lost by forcing the wrong delivery method on patients.In addition many patients must consume whole live plant or flower ,these are illegal.

We have NO connection to any FLA MMU providers ! We are independent advocates!!!!!!!

I would love to get to know everyone in the cannabis family! Please share with me, together we can learn more.Our community goal should be to make the biggest impact.Not to sell swag, and do payed events.THIS PLANT SAVED MY LIFE!! Do not disrespect it with people, just looking for the next gold rush. This is my life long journey, many are on the same path, all are welcome to join us!

We plan to have many contributors to this site.

If you would like to share on this site ,we have a place for you. We support small business. And will help any local or FLA business looking for a place to educate the cannabis  community. Doctors are also welcome to help inform the community about their services.

We are so excited to be on this journey with you

Together the Cannabis Community can find all the answers we need to win this war. A war on a harmless plant that has done nothing but give to the human race over and over. If you love cannabis it is your responsibility to get out of your hole and let everybody know your story.

We now support full legalization of marijuana in Florida by 2020

#nosmokeisajoke #freetheleaf #cannabisvoterproject

The future is very bright for the Cannabis industry.

If your plan doesn't include the big picture you're going to miss out. Don't think small or you'll get lost in the race. Many will start this journey with us few will finish.